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The Book of Hours

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di Alessandro Balistrieri, Giuseppe Solmi, Daniela Villani

Nova Charta 2019
Collana Cimelia Saggi, pp 146 – ill. b/n, col. – cm. 15×21

Books of Hours were a commercial phenomenon that represent something close to the idea of a status symbol. The possession of something few could afford was, and still is today, a demonstration of wealth and prestige. Demonstrating possession of a Book of Hours might be compared to what happened in the Fifties, when owners of a television would invite neighbours and friends to their home, and in doing so, reaffirm their own level in society. Kings, queens, prices, dukes, other minor nobility and the wealthy bourgeois might even learn to read on the pages of these little books, which could be easily carried in hand on journeys across Europe.

The aim of this volume, is to provide the curious and interested reader with an overview of the surprising world that constitutes the Book of Hours. As well as explaining the significance, structure, contents and history, we have also tried to encompass the striking world of imagery, not only and not predominantly from the stylistic point of view, but also and above all from the ‘perceptive’ view, putting ourselves in the shoes of the reader who has come across this universe for the first time, searching for basic introductory ideas such as the name of the most famous illuminator to the striking curiosity of particular details.


(Dall’introduzione degli autori)


Un nuovo saggio di Daniela Villani, Giuseppe Solmi e Alessandro Balistrieri dedicato a una delle più diffuse tipologie di manoscritto per la devozione privata (edizione inglese).


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